Goddess Isis Heart activation


Image of Goddess Isis Heart activation

This beautiful heart activation is a deep cleansing if the heart chakra and ignites the parts you had shut off, helping you to open your heart new new levels of openess

Activates the pineal gland awakens your gifts and also brings clarity and helps you to see the truth

Activates the chakras to work in more harmony and fluidity

Restructures the level of DNA

This activation also activates your ability to heal yourself, unlocks blocks so that you can channel your own healing energy that is unique to you.
Helps you to gain emotional balance
Recieve channeled oracle guidance

Activates and anchors the empowered Divine Feminine, both individually and into Mother Earth.
Uses Ancient Egyptian Energies and parts of ceremonies ‘remembered’ from ancient temples
Is experienced differently for every person with different deities according to that person’s belief set and/or need
In a past life I was a high priestess, white wise woman of ancient Egypt, this is my soul home and I now channel the goddess Isis compassionate and magical energies in my meditations and healing.